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Fixed Ground-Mount

Designed to provide maximum durability and longevity the SolarGiant is an all-aluminum structure (except for small mounting and assembly parts which are stainless steel). The structure itself consists of two central horizontal main beam extrusions. These proprietary extrusions form the structural backbone of the SolarGiant, connect the mounting legs and carry the SolarGiant’s unique slide-in module mounting rails. The main beam extrusions (figure 1.) provide exceptional strength while minimizing the use of raw material for maximum economy and cost-effectiveness.

The SolarGiant is designed to be, essentially, a ballasted ground-mount system. It can be supplied in 2-leg and larger, 3-leg configurations for maximum project flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The mounting legs are shaped to allow easy anchoring to footers formed and poured on the ground surface. The footers can, if desired, be sunk into the ground as well. The SolarGiant can also be supplied with mounting legs sized for in-ground mounting in concrete caissons. The mounting legs can also be mounted to the surface of concrete caissons sunk into the soil.

Assembly is fast and easy.  See the timelapse video below showing two people assembling and erecting a 30° SolarGiant structure – in less than 50 minutesAssuming 230W per module, each Solar Giant rack holds 5520W for most modules.

Tilt Angle Versatility
The standard SolarGiant allows array tilt to be set from 15° to 35°. No changes to the structure are required for tilt angles in this range. Only the footer sizes vary depending on tilt angle and wind loading, making for sure and easy project planning.

Module Installation
Module installation in the SolarGiant is exceptionally fast and easy. The SolarGiant’s unique, slide in rails allow modules to be simply inserted in the channel and slid into place. A stop at the lower and upper end of the channel secures the modules in place.

A rain channel serves to drain rain water and condensate from the array. This prevents freeze-thaw damage and helps insure the long-term durability of the SolarGiant array.

While the SolarGiant’s slide-in rails are designed primarily for portrait mode module mounting, modules can also be mounted in landscape mode. In order to maintain the module manufacturers’ warranty the SolarGiant can be equipped with Conergy SunTop rails. With the SunTop rails, modules can be mounted in landscape mode and secured at the recommended locations with conventional module mounting clamps. The SunTop rail system employs Conergy’s patented Quickstone® connection technology for fast and easy rail assembly and module mounting.

Electriwedge® Module Grounding
Electriwedge® is Conergy’s exclusive module grounding option for the SolarGiant. Developed in conjunction with Wiley Electronics, the Electriwedge system is designed to complement the SolarGiant’s fast, easy module installation with fast and easy module grounding. The Electriwedge system consists of wedge-shaped module supports that are inserted below the modules and tapped into place causing the module to contact specially-designed WEEB clips which positively connect the module frame and the SolarGiant rail. The array can then be connected conventionally with a standard lug installed at any convenient point and connected to ground.

SolarGiant – Large Scale, Small Effort

  • Fast, easy structure assembly
  • Fast, easy module installation
  • Fast, easy array grounding
  • Durable, elegant, efficient, low maintenance design
  • Excellent application versatility
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